• What is the static Website ?

    In Static website content can not be changed by the client. The client will have to provide content to us and we will change things accordingly.

  • What is the static Website ?

    Dynamic website content can be changed by the client. The client will have right the to change the changes as per the requirement no coding knowledge need because we will provide the admin panel for dynamic changes.

  • What is the maintenace Charge ?

    25% of development charge.

  • What is the domain and hosting charge ?

    Domain and hosting charges will charge by the third party and it will be greater than purchase charges .

  • Is there any guarantee of server uptime ?

    Hosting server is subject to a third party and it can fail but the fail rate is very rare. We will not be responsible for such types of failure.

  • What are the charges of website design change?

    We will not charge for the minor changes but if a major one is required then an extra charge will be charged.

  • How can I get my domain when I don't want to work with you?

    We will purchase the domain from the client account. So no need to worry your property will be yours.

  • What about return policy ?

    The return policy is only applicable when any purchasing (server, domain, SSL, Development work) has not started. Otherwise, the return will not entertain.

  • What about license theme ?

    Client will have to pay an additional charge for the theme license.

  • What about renewal notification ?

    renewal notification will be sent on registered mobile no 10 days before and repeat notification will also send. If the client will not pay before the last date of renewal then we will not be responsible for the loss.