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Girfa History

Girfa IT Services is working in different segments of IT sector since 2009. Group has two main business segments. Which are Software/Website development and IT Education. Foundation of company is started in 2011. A young computer science teacher was searching computer related articles on internet, while searching something he got many unnecessary contents on various website. His searching was very time taking to get the solution. For example if you are searching for syntax of any language rule then you will be find many definition first then solution which will very time consuming. So he decided to make a blog, where computer science student will get only related content what they are looking for, Because he believe that many user wants some specific information and they know the basics of the topic what they are searching .

He started blog name with Girfa Student Help. In this blog he writes the post only what he is searching. When he found solution or achieved something new. He writes on the blog specifically without any additional definition. As the result Blog getting popular with this unique concept and became leading content providers for various computer science courses.